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Pikes Peak Diversity Council, Inc.

When power is used unwisely, it can become a destructive force that leads to upheaval. It often takes a senseless death, such as Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to bring the seriousness of what we are facing as a nation to the forefront.  Racism is still alive in our country!  


The death of Mr. Floyd and the subsequent protests reminds us in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King that “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  Mr. Floyd life mattered!  This struggle for justice everywhere can’t be the flavor of the month but an ongoing journey that brings about positive change. The voice of the people must be heard!  The protests we’re seeing across the nation show that people are not being silent about things that matter. Let’s begin the work to avoid a civil war!


What do we want?  We want the opportunity to have the constitutional freedoms to live with equal rights for all. Another quote that we’re reminded of is from Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, educator and civil rights activist,  that “if we have the courage and tenacity of our forebears, who stood firmly like a rock against the lash of slavery, we shall find a way to do for our day what they did for theirs.”



 Pikes Peak Diversity Council, Inc.



506 E. Moreno Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80903










In 2005, formerly known as the Colorado Springs Diversity Forum, we were established. In 2016, the forum rebranded as the Pikes Peak Diversity Council, Inc. to reflect the reach to all the Pikes Peak Region. Our mission is to connect, include and engage our citizens in the diverse and rich culture that exists in our community and region. To learn more, visit us at www.ppdiversitycouncilinc.org. We are currently looking for volunteers for our upcoming events! Please email info@ppdiversitycouncilinc.org or mkanimal1@yahoo.com.




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